It was my Dream Cum true

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
It was my Dream Cum true

I liked him so much. I had dreamed about him all the time. I would fall asleep thinking about him right beside me. 

One night I was sitting at the computer talking to some of my buddies on MSN. All of a sudden someone adds me. I knew it was Steve. I had liked him since the first day of school. I had heard lots about him and people told me not to get involved with him cause he was pretty /bad/">bad. I didn?t care. I thought he was sexy. Well on MSN we started talking and he said that we should get together, and he told me that he thought I was pretty cool and that we should get to now each other. We mad plans to get together and go see a movie.

We met up at the /bus/">bus stopped and went and say a movie. We made out, and he went down my pants fingering me, making me moan a little. We then snuck into another movie, that?s when he asked me out. 

We had been going out for about a week now, and he asked me if I wanted to go over to his house. His /mom/">mom was home so we just watched T.V till he left. He porn videos download asked if I wanted a drink, and I followed him into the kitchen. We walked up to his room and set our glasses down. He walked towards me and started to kiss me. He moved down and started sucking on my neck. I then slowly sat down on the bed he stopped and I undid his pants and pulling them off. He then took off my shirt and bra. We were laying on top of each other in my panties and his boxers. It was like a dream come true for me. He then started to rub against my pussy. I let out moans, which must have turned him on cause he started going faster. 

He was on top, I grabbed his ass and pushed it down to make it feel better. He kept on pushing his dick up on me harder xxx and harder until he got off. He pulled down our /underwear/">underwear, and tried sticking himself inside of me. I was afraid so I said no. He understood and put his hipbone on my pussy and moves up and down on me. I started moan really loud. He had to turn up the music so his older brother wouldn?t hear us. He started going faster and harder. He pushed his dick against my body so he would feel some pleasure to. We were in the same position for about a half hour. He finally came. It felt so good all over my stomach. I licked I his entire dick clean of cum. He got dressed and so did I. He came back and we laid in his bed and feel asleep in each other?s arms.