Sex in the Park

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Sex in the Park

It was a warm summer night and the park bench she sat on looked very inviting. She was in a short floral dress which looked blue in the moonlight. I came close and introduced myself as Dumi. She smiled and after a few minutes of chatting she invited me to sit down next to her. We started kissing and I could now feel my dick getting harder.

I had one hand under her g-string fondling her pussy and the other playing with her ass. She then lowered herself and unbuckled my jean releasing my 30cm monster. Shocked she looked at me 'Its what you wanted slut!' I said. In no time she had my /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick deep in her throat madly working on my full length. She sucked on me like she was old waman xxxgx auditioning for the biggest porn movie of the century. In no time i could feel myself about to exploed in that /cute/">cute little mouth of hers. I then pulled her up so she could sit on me. She had a pink g-string underneath which i moved to the side to reveal her cleanly shaved /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

I fingered her while she kissed me like mad. 'PUT IT IN! FUCK ME ALREADY!' She couldnt hold herself anymore. She pulled my away from her cunt and grabbed my dick. Her pussy was wet and tight but very accomodating for a 16year old. She was a /slut/real-slut/">real slut and I could feel it when I entered her.

She danced seductively on me while I went deeper into her now pulsuating hole. Her screams echoed in the empty park, louder with every thrust. I had both her butt cheeks in my hands while I squeezed and spanked them. As things got more heated I tope off the top of her dress to reveal her fresh youthful breasts which were now dripping with sweat. I bokep sma pecah perawan told her to stand up and made her bend over leaning on the bench. 'Hows about I give this pussy a break!!' I had the string of her g-string in a fist as I positioned my dick. Ready for the attack. She pointed her ass towards the sky as I entered her /asshole/">asshole.

She cried out in pain and pleasure as I broke through the walls of her hole. My one hand was rubbing on her pussy while my dick pounded her asshole. The faster I went, the louder she screamed. My hips slammed hard on hers in unimaginable speed. She loved every second begging me for more.

I now grabbed her by her neck as I shot my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum up her asshole.