Thanks to the Health Teacher

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Thanks to the Health Teacher

This story is all fictional. None of these events that take place are true.

All of the guys in my sophmore class at Balltown High thought that Ms. Fischer, the 22 year old health /teacher/">teacher was the hottest thing on earth.

Every year, in our district it was required that all 10th graders must take a health class. Nobody was ever excited about health class because of sex education and us guys knew it would be especially akward with the smoking hot babe, Ms. Fischer.
Now Balltown is a very small community and our high school population is only about 400 people so everbody knows everybody. The school board was trying to save money and they decied to cut back on teachers so we only ended up with one health teacher. This meant the sex education part of health class would not be divided up into seperate genders this year.

So know that you've got a little backround, let me get to the real story.

It all started last year about 8 weeks into the semester. I had just returned to school after a family vaction to Florida and Ms. Fischer announced that the sex education portion of our class would begin the next week. The class kind of giggled and as the bell rang, I approched Ms. Fischer and said I needed help catching up on the past weeks assignments since I was gone on vacation. She said: "Of course Nick, just come in after school today and I'll help you out."

So thats what I did. After school I made my way to the Health classroom, was greeted by my lovely teacher and sat down so she could begin explaining what I had missed. This was basically pointless because the whole time she explained the lesson I just kept finding myself daydreaming about getting with that sexy thing I called my health teacher. I felt my cock get hard as I looked at those perky breasts burried beneath her white button up shirt, and pictured her wet pussy that was hiding underneath the skirt she was wearing. She had the most amazing curves any guy could dream of.

As she finnished the lesson she asked "Do you have any questions Nick?"
"Yes, actually, well its not a question" I replied.
"What is it than?"she asked.
"I'm a little nervous about next weeks class." I responded
"Oh, thats completely normal. Most of your classmates feel that way too I bet. I promise you, after next week you will never worry about sex education again" she assured me.

So I went home and the weekend passed and it was time to return to school. As the rest of the class and I entered the classroom we all took our seats. Ms. Fischer locked the door and closed the blinds.
"There. Now we have nothing to worry about. You don't have to be embarrassed to ask a question. Nobody can hear you except for our class" she said. "I'll start the class off with a video and we'll go from there."
She turned on her projector and placed a DVD in her disc drive. She seemed to be having problems as the DVD wouldnt play. She fussed with it for about ten minutes and finally gave up. The class was relieved.

"Alright, since that isnt working we'll just have to move on to something else. Would anybody like to tell me what the /female/male-female/male-and-female/">male and female sex organs are?" she asked.A /blonde/blonde-girls/sexy-blonde-girl/">sexy blonde girl named Ashley raised her hand. "Yes, Ashley." said Mrs. Fisher.
"Well, guys have a penis and girls have a vagina" stated Ashley.
"Very good Ashley, now could anybody tell me what they look like?" asked Ms. Fisher. Nobody raised their hand. "Alright, well than... Nick, Ashley, please come to the front of the classroom." Ashley and I both walked up to the front of the room. "Please strip down to your /underwear/">underwear" said Ms. Fisher. Ashley and I just stood there. "C'mon guys, don't you want to pass the class?" she asked.

So right than and there, I stripped down to by boxers and Ashley to her bra and paties. The class all watched in disbelief. My cock was rock solid. I was so turned on seeing Ashley there free porn movies download in only her undergarments. "Would you two please remove the rest of your clothing now?" ashed Ms. Fischer. We both hesitated, but after a few moments looked at eachother and did as our teacher told us. "Now class. Ashley and Nick will now demonstrate /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex."
"But I dont know how" said Ashley.
"Thats okay, I'll walk you through it" stated Ms. Fisher.

By this time, my cock was absolutly throbbing. Was Ashley Demspey, the hottest girl in tenth grade really going to suck me off in front of the whole class? "Okay now Ashley, get down on your knees and push your lips up to Nicks penis." Ashley got down to her knees and gtabbed my cock with her gentle hands and slowly pressed her lips against the head of my 7 inch dick. "Okay, now move your lips and tongue up and down on his shaft" Ashley did it and it felt so good. She pumped her little head up and down on my cock and than gagged a bit as she began to deepthroat my cock. "I thought you said you didnt know how Ashley" said Ms. Fisher. On that note, Ashley stopped. She stood up, turned around bent over and said

"Please fuck my pussy Nick. Im so wet!" So I slid my cock into her slit which was tight but very wet, and began thrusting. Ashley let out loud moans as I pounded her /sweet/">sweet little /pussy/cheerleader-pussy/">cheerleader pussy in front of the whole class. I came inside her and her pussy trembled as she squirted all over the floor.
"That was amazing you two!" said Ms. Fisher. By this time eveyone in the class had their clothes off and were masterbating like /crazy/">crazy.

"Class, find a fuck partner and go at it! Nick, I saw how you just pounded Ashley's ametuer little pussy. Now I want to see how you do with a real woman like me!" exclaimed Ms. Fisher. She than took off her clothes. My cock which had gone limp after filling Ashley's /cute/">cute little pussy with my load sprung up as I saw my teacher in nothing but her birthday suit. Her body was even better than I imagined. Her breasts were as perfect as perfect can be. She had an amazing shaved pussy. I stared at her as she sat spread eagle on her desk. I approached her and as soon as I got within' reach she pulled me toward her and my cock slid right in. I fucked her good. I reached out and grabbed her plump tits. They felt so good in my hands as I humped the shit out of her amazing cunt. She was screaming and moaning along with my class.

"Keep fucking me baby, I'm almost there!" she moaned "Oh yeah oh, it feels so good! Ohhhh my god!!" She trembled as she came all over my dick. "Keep going, I want to feel your cum in full hd xvideo download me!" she yelled. So I kept thrusting and my body tensed up as I blew load after load of warm cum into her pussy. "Thank you," she gasped. As I pulled my dick out of her. The rest of the class finnished and nobody said a word. We all put our clothes back on. Cleaned up our messes, and after that we were done. I'm now dating Ashley thanks to Ms. Fisher. And she was right, I'm not worried about sex education anymore.