Love Hurts

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Love Hurts

When I saw David O?Brien for the /first-time/">first time, I fell in inlove with him. We first met each other at a club in ****. We danced the whole time with our eyes locked from a distance. Then he came and pulled me away from the person I was dancing with. Me and David danced all night. 

I gave him my phone number and he gave me his. I couldn?t stop looking at him; he was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He was damn sexy, too.
?You better call me!? I demanded with a smile. He smiled back at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes. 
?I?ll definitely call you.? He held my hand and asked, ?If you want, you can come to my house and meet my roomates and maybe hang out and get to know each other better.?
I looked at him in a funny way. I didn?t want to meet his roomates right away, I just wanted to get to know him better.
?Uh, I can?t, but maybe tomorrow we can see each other again...if that?s okay?? But that wasn?t the only reason why I didn?t want to go to his house. What if he only wanted me to come over to have sex with him. I didn?t want to go to far with this guy. I wanted to take it slow, plus it would feel awkward to be around somebody you?ve known for only two hours.?I guess I?ll see you tomorrow?? I informed. 
?Yeah,? he said, ?where do you live?? I wasn?t sure if I wanted to tell him where I lived,
but I liked him too much. I had to tell him were I lived.
?I live on Green St.? I answered. He chuckled for a second with a /surprise/">surprise on his face.
?That is so weird,? he said in excitement, ?I live on Neil St. also, in an apartment.? I was shocked to here that. I got even more excited to know that David lived near me, since this was the only guy I could see myself marrying in the future.
?I live in one of those small houses right by the apartments. My house number is 112.? I said as I wrote it all down on paper for David as he did the same for me.?House number 125.? I said to myself. We both smiled and walked different ways to get to our cars.

When I got home, I got into bed, but I couldn?t sleep. All I was thinking about was David O?Brien. I was wondering if he was thinking about me, also. He was everything I ever looked for in a man, his hazel eyes, ear piercings, six pack, blackish brown sorta bed head hair style and his hot body with /nice/nice-sex/">nice sex lines on his lower abdominals. But then I started thinking about the bad stuff. What if he was a player or what if he doesn?t like me after he gets to know me. But I tried to stop thinking about the bad and go with the good.

When I got up at 11:00 a.m., the phone rang. I answered it and there was the voice I was craving...David.
?Hi Christina, it?s me David, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?? I had a huge smile on my face.
?Yeah, I would love to see you today. Give me an hour to get ready and we?ll see each other at 12:30, if that?s okay??
?Perfect!? he said, ?I can?t wait to see you. I?ll be over at your house at 12:30.?
?Great!? We both said bye and right when I got off the phone I couldn?t stop dancing and jumping around the house. I hadn?t felt this happy in years. 

I took a shower, fixed my hair, put on my makeup and put on a mini jean skirt with a white mini top that showed a lot of cleavage and stomach. 
When I was done, I heard a knock at the door. I looked in the mirror one last time to see how I looked and went to open the door for David. There he was looking hotter than he was at the club.
?Wow!? he said in amazement, ?you look really good!? I laughed and thanked him as I guided him into the house. He made himself comfortable right away. I sat right by him and we both looked into each others eyes and kissed. We both knew it was coming.
?Sorry.? I apologized. He looked at me weird and laughed, ?Don?t be sorry, I liked it. Your a really good kisser.? He looked in my eyes and cupped his hand on my face. 
?Can I kiss you again?? He asked politely. 
?Yes, you may.? We both smiled and french kissed again. This time more tongue. Explosions ran through my stomach. I backed my face away. I didn?t know this man yet and I didn?t want to take things too fast.
?We should take things slow.? I said, ?I want to get to know you better.? 
?Yeah, I think hat would be good.? He agreed. 

We talked for hours, about our family,home,school, and then it got to our sex lives and relationships.
?So, how many girls have you been with? Be honest.? I said. 
?I?ve been with seven girls my whole life, but only had sex with two. Those two were my longest relationships.?
?What about the other five?? I asked with curiousity.
?The other five were just regular high school and junior high kind of relationships. What about you, how many guys have you been with?? David asked.
?Well,? I started, ?I?m still a virgin, and I?ve been with four guys. I know I?m only 18 years old, but I didn?t want those guys to be my first because I knew they weren?t the one.? He kissed me on thelips and said to me, ?Don?t be embarressed, I think it?s great that your still a virgin, I was actually hoping that you still were.? 

?Just curious,? I said, ?do you do drugs?? 
?Well, on occasions I sometimes drink and I?ve smoked maijuana about thirteen times in my life, but its all in the past; I don?t do that stuff anymore. I?m clean. What about you?? He asked.
?I have done marijuana a few times and I drink on occasions, but thats rarely and I used to smoke.?
?How long did you smoke?? 
?For almost a year. I was 17 and stupid.? We stopped talking for a while, trying to bring up some kind of conversation to lift off the tension in the room. ?I?m kinda hungry, you want to go out and eat?? I asked. He nodded his head and oppened the door for me and we both took off in his blue corvette.

***** 5 months later....*****

?Crystal,?I said, ?I swear, I?m going to marry this guy someday. I?ve been with him for about five months. I?m so inlove with him.? Crystal looked at me with her lazy eyes as she put the eighteenth cigarette in her mouth.
?Are you two having sex yet?? she asked. I looked at her funny.
?No, not yet, but thats because we?ve only known each other for only five months. He knows that the time isn?t right for me. He even told me that he?ll wait for me.? Crystal rolled her eyes and put her face close to mine.
?Girl, if you are inlove with him, then have sex with him. You said that you might even marry him some day. He sounds like a good man. Have some fun. Haven?t you done anything else with him?? Crystal asked.
?Fore play, but that?s all.? 
?How often?? She began to ask again. I didn?t think it was any of her business, but she was my /friend/best-friend/">best friend and she would always tell me everything about her sex life.
?Well...not too often. Mostly just kissing and touching down south a lot. Once in a while we?ll have /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex.? I explained. Crystal smiled back at me, ?Then,? she said, ?it?s time to have sex.? 
Maybe Crystal was right. I was ready to have sex and I did everything else with David. I was getting sick of just masturbating everytime I wanted sex. Tonight should be the night to lose my virginity.

As I walked up the stairs to David?s apartment, I got nervous. There was butterflies in my stomach and my palms were getting really sweaty. Before I knocked on the door, I asked myself one more time if I was ready to have sex and the answer was ?yes.?
I knocked on his door and when he opened it, I was all over him.
?What?s going on.? He asked.
?Let?s have sex!? I panted. David picked me up and layed me on his bed, kissing me all over.
?Are you sure you want to do this?? He asked. I had to think fast if I wanted to do this or not, and I wanted to do it and just get it over with.
?Yes.? I whispered. 

He took off all my clothes to where I was butt nacked, and I took off his shirt and unbuckled his pants and let him take over the rest. I layed on the bed as he opened my legs and stuck his penis inside me slowly. The feeling was so sensationable and a little painful, but it felt damn good at the same time. When he started to go a little bit faster, I could feel my orgasm coming closer and closer. Then he started to thrust a little harder, and the harder he thrusted the more I climaxed to the point were I came. I couldn?t hold it all in, I almost screamed out from all the excitement with my whole body climaxing and getting more and more sensitive. David had to pull out so he wouldn?t come inside of me. Thats when it all ended and thats when I wasn?t a virgin anymore.
We both layed on the bed sweating with our hearts still pumping fast. Our body was still feeling good and I knew a lot was going threw our minds.

?I have a question? David asked. 
?What is it?? I asked.
?Are you on birth control?? 
?No, why??
?Because I forgot to wear a condom.? All the sudden my mind went blank. I forgot all about a condom and getting on birth control.
? David,? I said, ?I forgot about birth control, but I can go to the clinic tommorow and get the day after pill and I?ll get on birth control pills, also.? David smiled and kissed my neck. 
?I?ll go to the clinic with you if you want me to.? He said.
?I would like you to go with me.? I replied
?I have another question... are you glad you finally had sex, I mean with me...does this mean I?m the right person?? David asked nervously.
?Yes, that was the funnest thing I have ever done especially since it was with somebody I love and I know who will never cheat on me...or at least I hope not. We should do it more often.? I snickered.. 
?I?m up for that anytime.? David laughed.
?Do you want to take a shower with me since we?re both sweaty and stinky.? David nodded his head and picked me up, taking me and him to the the shower. We washed each other with soap and did more kissing. 

As me and David got our clothes back on, his cell phone rang obtrusively.
?Hello? He answered. His volume was so loud on his cellphone that I could here the other person talking, which was a girl on the other line. I could here here saying, ?When can I see you again?? and a lot of giggling while she was talking.

?Lacy, I... I have to go,? he stuttered, ? I?ll talk to you later ? bye? David turned off his cell phone and looked at me with a fake smile on his face as if he did something wrong.
?Who?s Lacy?? I asked with a brutal look on my face. David hugged me from the back and said, ?It was one of my friends, her name is Lacy. I?ve known her for years.? I glared at him real quick and went off to the kitchen. David followed me saying, ?Why are you so pissed? I don?t even like Lacy like that.?
?Well she likes you. I can tell by the way she was talking to you since your cell phone volume was so loud.?
?Well I don?t like her like that. I can?t believe you?re acting this way, you know I would never cheat on you. What kind of guy do you think I am?? He walked in his bedroom and slammed the door. I felt really penitent about what I said. I was definitely in the wrong. I walked in the room and sat by him.

?I?m sorry,? I apologized. ?I was in the wrong. I guess I just got a little jealous.?
I hugged him and he put his arm around me. 
?You definitely get jealous too fast.? David chuckled.
?I?m a very possessive woman; I want you all to myself.? We started to make out, but what I really wanted to do was have sex with him again.
?This was the first time I actually got to see you butt naked. And from what I can see, you have the nicest figure I have ever seen?? He said as he was kissing my stomach and up to my neck. I thought he had the nicest body I had ever seen. I loved everything about him, his tan buff body, personality and his gorgeous hazel-green eyes.

When I woke up the next morning, David wasn?t by my side in bed. I started to hear a bunch of guys in the living room and decided to fix up if there was company around.
I took a shower, put on my makeup and wore a short skirt that almost showed my ass with a white tee shirt that was too small for me and showed a little to much stomach.

When I walked into the living room my eye?s froze on this white guy with brown eye?s, bleached out spikey hair and the nicest most buffest body I had ever seen, with a lot of tattoo?s. I started to feel guilty because I was more attracted to this new guy than my boyfriend.

?Christina, this is my friend Seth Binzer. Seth this is my girlfriend, Christina.? David introduced us. We both shook hands, but I couldn?t stop staring at him.
?Nice to meet you, Christina.? He greeted. He had this /adorable/">adorable smile and right when he started talking to me, I could see that he had his tongue and eyebrow pierced, which really turned me on. My legs got numb all of a sudden with all the attraction I had for this Seth guy.
?It?s nice to meet you too, Seth.? I greeted back. ?So, where are you from?? I asked.
?I?m from Crescent City, California, but I?m moving in here with your boyfriend and his other roomates today. Where do you live?? Seth asked. 
?I live in house number 112 right in this same neighborhood.? I couldn?t believe that Seth was know living in the same house as David, not to mention close by me. I had to stop thinking about how much I was liking Seth, I was basically cheating on David with my imaginaring mind. It had to stop, but it didn?t.

David turned around and grabbed my hand, ?Do you still want me to go with you to the clinic?? He asked. Seth laughed for a second and had a big grin on his face.
?If you want, you don?t have to though.? I said in a low tone. 
?I?ll go with you.? David said, but in a way he was begging me to say ?no, you don?t have to.?
?No, no, you should visit with your friends, go have fun.? I insisted.
?Are you sure?? David asked.
?Yeah, I?m definitely sure, go have some fun; I?ll be back later.? I said as I put on my high heels, grabbed my car keys and headed out the door. Before I shut it, I heard Seth saying, ?We?re gonna have a party at your house tonight!? 

I couldn?t get Seth out of my head, but I couldn?t like this guy - I had just lost my virginity with David last night.

When I got back to my house from the clinic, I took one birth control pill and put the rest on the bathroom counter and layed on my bed, hoping David would call me. When he finally did call at 8:00 p.m. he asked if I got the day after pill and got on birth control. I told him ?Yes.? He also asked me to come over to his house and party with him and his friends, I told him ?Okay,? On that also. The only reason why I wanted to go was to see Seth.

Right when I got to the party, there was already booze, junk food and two girls. 
One of them was Crystal and the other I didn?t know. As far as I knew, she was tall, I?d say five foot five with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice figure.
?Who are you?? I asked the /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl. She gave me a friendly smile and answered,
?My name is Lacy Peters, and who are you?? 
?I?m Christina Miller ? David?s girlfriend.? Her friendly smile wasn?t so friendly after telling her that David was my boyfriend, her smile became fake.
?Oh, well, I?m gonna go get a drink. It was nice meeting you.? She said and walked off right away.
?Would you like a drink?? A voice behind me asked. I turned around and behind me was Seth.
?Yes, I?d like a drink. I?d like some Jungle Juice, please.? I said in a soft voice. He went into the kitchen and poured me a cup of Jungle Juice and walked back over to me.
?Thank you very much, bartender.? Seth smiled and looked at me like he wanted to get to know me better and I did as well.?Would you like to go outside?? I asked him. Seth put his arm around my waist and guided me outside into the outside garage.
?Where?s David at?? I asked curiously so I would know where he was at the whole time and flirt with Seth as David was away.
?He went to the store to get more liquor. He?ll be here in about 30 minutes.? Seth explained.
?I?m not worried.? I said. Seth just kept on looking at me and my whole body as if he was undressing me with his eyes.
?I like how your body looks in that tight short skirt you?re wearing.? Seth complimented. The way he talked turned me on and made my whole body shiver with excitment. 
?Can I feel how soft your legs are?? he said softly in my ear. I nodded my head. He put his buff manly hand on my leg and went up to my crouch, pushing on my clit. I let out a gasp. It felt so good,but at the same time I was thinking about David.
All of a sudden we heard a voice yell out my name. Seth backed away fast. Down the stairs came David.
?I thought David was sexxxx video ful hd at the store.? I whispered to Seth.
?Thats what I thought.? He whispered back. David walked to me smiling.
?There you are, baby.? He said as he was putting his arms around me. ?Are you and Seth getting to know each other better?? David asked. My heart was started pumping really fast.
?I?m gonna go back in the house and get another drink.? I said. David and Seth followed me into the house, but I just wanted to be alone.

?Christina, are you okay? You seem tense.? David said as he was rubbering my waist.
?Yeah, I?m fine.? But I wasn?t fine, I had to tell Seth that he needed to stop fooling around with me ? that I have a boyfriend who I love and desperately care about. I knew that David was the right person for me and doing sexual stuff with another guy who I don?t even know wouldn?t be worth screwing up my relationship with David. What was I to do?
David went off into the bathroom. Seth was sitting on the couch with a drink, glancing at me and the horrible thing was that I was liking it.
?Seth,? I said, ?I have a boyfriend, who I love and want to be with, please, do not scew this great relationship that I have with him.? I begged and enjoyed doing so. He leaned forward, close to me face.
?I won?t try to screw up your relationship, but I know you want me...and I want you to, but I?ll back off a little.? I was loving everything that he was saying to me. And oh, how much I wanted to kiss his sexy lips and touch his muscular body, but I was brave enough to hold myself back.
?So, do you have a girlfriend?? I asked, hoping that the answer would come out negative.
?Nope, not for about three months. Why?? he asked.

?I don?t know, just asking.? I had to do something sexual with this guy, I had to think of a way to do so. ?Do you want to go back outside?? I asked slowly. My heart beating fast, from me knowing that I was about to make a big mistake. Cheating on my boyfriend was probably going to happen and I was to selfish to stop myself.
?Yeah, but there?s David in the kitchen, talking to Lacy. We don?t want him to see us.?

He said, rubbing my leg. I was very upset, I was wanting Seth more than anything. I could feel that my vaginal area was very lubricant and my clitoris was almost erect. I needed to be touched down Seth. I got up and walked outside, hoping that Seth would follow me, instead David did.
?I need to talk to you.? David said as if he was upset about something. We both sat down on the stiars.
?What?s up?? I asked happily, deep down I was scared that he found out about something I did with Seth. 
?Well,? he started, ?I was talking to Lacy and she was telling me that you have a thing for Seth.? My eye?s got big, I was mad at that bitch. How could she tell him that.
?What!? I yelled. ?Babe, you know that?s not true, anyways, how would she know if I liked him??
?Lacy was watching you the whole time and so was I, but not as much as she was.

One thing I want to know is what you and Seth were doing in the garage.?
?David, we were just talking, we weren?t doing anything.?
?Then why did you act so weird when I came out??
?Because Seth asked an embarrassing question that I?m not going to repeat. Babe, I love you and you only. I like talking to Seth because he?s a cool guy that I wouldn?t mind being friends with. Anyways, I also have a question for you, why were you hanging out with that Lacy chick this whole night?? My heart was still beating fast. I was lying to David for the first time ever.
?Me and Lacy have been friends since junior high. I?ll tell you one thing that I promised myself I would never tell you, she used to be my girlfriend and she was one of the girls that I had sex with.? I rolled my eye?s. Knowing David, he deffinetly still had a thing for Lacy. ?I don?t like her like that anymore, I love you babe, I?d never hurt you and I know you?ll never hurt least I hope not ? with my roomate Seth.? David was saying with a half ass smile on his face. I wanted to cry with all the words that had just came out of his mouth. David did trust me, which he shouldn?t have. After that conversation, I didn?t want anything to do with Seth. I loved David so much, I couldn?t break his heart.
?Ah, how sweet!? Seth said, with Lacy by his side. The whole time me and David talked, they were listening.
?Wussup, dude!? David yelled.
?Man, me and Christina was only talking, their is nothing going on between us. Me and her were just getting to know each other. Stop worrying.? Seth said. He kept staring back and fourth at me and David while he was talking.

?Whatever! I know you and Seth have a thing for each other.? Lacy interrupted. ?I don?t want to see David hurt, so if you?re going to cheat on him, let him know right now!? Lacy said angrily.
?I would never cheat on him you stupid bitch! You?re just jealous because you want David, but he?s taken and he is mine, so back off bitch!? I fearcly demanded. I didn?t like Lacy since I opened that door. She was demanding to break me and David up, but I wouldn?t let her do that, even though it would be the right thing to do.
Lacy left after I told her off. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and think my thoughts out. I hated myself for liking Seth more than David. 

When the small get-together was over, I got into the shower devastated and confused about what happened all day and night. Was I getting closer and closer to making a big mistake? 
?Can I come in?? David asked with the door halfway open.I replied ?yes? as I put my towel on, leaving the shower running.
?Come on in.? He came in with a massive xxx sex video download free com heart on.
He started kissing my neck, giving me a hicky. I pushed myself away. David looked and me in a dissapointed way.
?What?s wrong?? he asked. I gave him a fake smile.
?Nothings the matter.? David started kissing me all over again.
?Don?t forget a condom.? I reminded him.
?You took the pill today, right??
?Let?s just forget about the condom!? David was extremely horny, the horniest I had ever seen him. He got naked and picked me up taking me to the shower with him. While he was still holding me, he slid his penis inside of me. 
?Let?s do it on the bed.? I gasped. When we got to the bed, he got on top of me and started to thrust really hard. I started moaning loudly, trying to keep it down so Seth wouldn?t hear us, but David was even louder than me.
?Don?t come inside of me.? I begged., but he didn?t listen to me, he came inside of me anyways. Fortunately, I took the pill that morning.

After five minutes, me and David calmed down. He got in the shower and I was thirsty. As I walked to the kitchen, there was Seth.
?Did you have fun a couple of minutes ago?? Seth asked.
?Yeah, well David wanted it really bad. He was really in the mood so I let him have some fun.?
?Hey, I?m sorry about tonight and the way I was acting.? Seth apologized. ?It?s just that I?m really attracted to you and I haven?t been in a relationship for a long time, I just wanted to say that I?m sorry.? Seth looked down at the ground as if he was embarressed.
?It?s okay, and I wanted to apologize about the way I was acting around you, basically teasing you with my body and also flirting with my eye?s.? David chuckled and replied, ?That?s fine, it was pretty fun though.?
?Yeah.? I agreed. David came in with just a towl around his hips.
?Come on, let?s go to bed.? David said. He was still horny, I could tell because he still had a boner except it was a little limp. He was also kissing my neck and shoulders, which is another sign that he was horny.
? I?m going to spend the night?? I interrogated.
?Yeah, or do you want to move in?? I couldn?t believe what he had just asked me.
?Are you serious?? I was shocked. I couldn?t believe that he wanted me to move in right away.
?Yeah, do you want to?? He repeated.
?No, I can?t, it wouldn?t be right. I mean, you should think about this for a few days and if you still want me to move in just tell me and then I?ll have to think about it also.? I suggested. 
?I think it would be great if you moved in with us!? Seth cheered. I stared at Seth for a couple of minutes; he was one of the reasons why I couldn?t move in.

As I layed in my bed at night, I was thinking about the idea of moving in with David, Seth and their other roomates. I wanted to, but wasn?t sure if I should. I knew if I did, I would cheat on David, which I didn?t want. 

My theory is, When a girl is living with her boyfriend and his roomates that she is attractive to, there is a great chance that she will cheat on him. 
Why would I want to cheat on David? He has been a faithful boyfriend to me and the best man who I have ever had in my life, I couldn?t screw that up because I?m more attracted to someone else, David would never do that to me. What was wrong with me? Is this normal to want to cheat on your boyfriend ? someone who you know in the future, that you will marry? I lost my virginity with David, I have to be faithful to him. I love him ? I think.

There was a knock in the front. I walked over to the door wondering who it could be.
When I opened the door, it was Seth. ?Can I come in?? he asked.
?Sure,? I confirmed. ?come on in.? I didn?t want him to come over, especially with all the pressure I had in me.
?I came over to say I?m sorry for putting all this stress on you. I was wrong and it won?t happen again.? I accepted his apology, but I also needed to apologize.
?And I am sorry for seducing you with my eye?s and begging you to go outside to do some naughty stuff together. You?re not the only one who was in the wrong, I was basically asking for trouble and craving what you were craving...fore play.? We both laughed at the same time, but the smile and laugh vanished.
?I came here to tell you something else.? He said apprehensive. ?I have a girlfriend named Kailyn, who is coming to David?s house tonight. You?ll get to meet her tomorrow or if you come over again tonight.? I couldn?t believe it, he betrayed me, but I also betrayed David in the same way ? both me and Seth. I guess the saying ?what comes around goes around? was definitely true.
?What time will she get there?? I asked irately.
?Uh...about 12:00, midnight. Do you want to meet her.?He asked nervously, knowing that I was pretty upset.
?Yeah, I guess tomorrow I will meet her.? I murmured. ?I have some questions about her.?
?What will that be??
?How old is she, where is she from, and what does she look like?? 
?Well, she is 20 years of age. She is from California. She?s a brunette, brown eye?s, 5?2, slim, 36 B, and cute.? He described. The way he described her, made me feel jealous and unattractive. I hoped that she was not as beautiful as he described her. Having this feeling made me want to talk to Seth in a more comfortable way.
?Seth,? I said, ?this is an uncomfortable question, but who do you think is more attractive Kailyn or... nevermind - it doesn?t matter.? I didn?t want to know the answer. I didn?t want to know if he thought his girlfriend was more attractive than I was.

?No, no, ask me the question. Don?t feel uncomfortable. It matters to me to know what you are curious about. So, who do I think is more attractive you or Kailyn?? I looked down to the floor. ?It would deffinetly be you, but I don?t usually go by looks, I mostly go by personality and kindness.? Seth explained to me.
?What about your girlfriend?? I interrogated, hoping he would say something mean about her.
?I think Kailyn has a beautiful personality, which makes her beautiful in the outside. I mean I always thought she was beautiful in the outside, even when I didn?t even know her.? What Seth said really inspired me. To me he looked like somebody with a hard heart with all of his pericings, tatoo?s, and /bad/bad-boy/">bad boy sence of humor, but really he had soft heart in the inside. 
?So, what?s David doing right now?? I asked, trying to bring up a different conversation.

?He?s in bed sleeping. I walked in his bedroom and he still had a heart-on. Maybe you should stay the night at our place.? Seth chuckled. I would have stayed at his house, but knowing that Seth?s girlfriend would be there ruined everything for me. I know that if I did stay at his house, I would be a bitch to his grilfriend from envy.
?I think I will stay here at my house for tonight.? 
?Come on, spend the night with your boyfriend.? Seth begged.
?Fine, let me get some clothes and accesories and then we can go on to your guy?s apartment.? 

When we got to David and Seth?s apartment, Kailyn was already there. When I saw her, I was deffinetly jealous. She was everything I imagined - gorgeous and everything Seth mentioned about her profile was true. She was probably the most beautiful punk women I had ever seen. She also had a glamorous body that made me feel self-conscious about mine, even though a lot of girls have always been jealous of my body, but if they saw her?s they wouldn?t be jealous of me anymore. I decided to introduce myself to her, to see what kind of person she was.

?Hi my name is Christina.? We both shook hands and introduced each other. She was very generous and quite boisterous, I liked her though. She reminded me of my sister who passed away a few years ago. I didn?t think I?d want to be friends with Kailyn because I had the hots for her boyfriend Seth, and that would be pretty backstabbing to a friend, but who knows what would happen.

?Seth, I have to leave in two days.? Kailyn said with a beer in her hand.
?Why?? Seth asked. He look dissapointed.
?Because my family in Southern California wants to see me, I haven?t seen them in about five months. Babe, I really miss them!? She said hysterically.
?Don?t get mad at me. It?s just that...I missed you.? Seth hesitated.
?I missed you to, but seeing my family is very important to me.? 
?What about me, aren?t I important to you?? 
?Not as important as my family.? Seth looked down at his feet with discomfort. ?Don?t be sad!? Kailyn demanded. Seth had a look on his face as if he was just betrayed. Kailyn gave him a disgusted look.
?You have changed.? Seth said. 
?How have I changed?? She said, as she rolled her eye?s.
?You?ve turned out to be a real bitch. I have been sitting here with you for about an hour and all you have done is critisize me for no reason.?
?People change.? She started bitting her nails as if she was nervous. Seth shook his head.
?Are you cheating on me?? He asked.
?Maybe. I mean, babe, we haven?t seen each other for about two months because you left Crescent City and stayed with your parents in Sacremento then came over here in ****. I just moved on for a few weeks and now I?m back with you.?
?What the fuck!? Seth yelled. ?I can?t believe you cheated on me. I haven?t been with anyone since I?ve been gone. I haven?t moved on, but you have. What the hell is wrong with you! You slut!? Seth was hysterical.
?Don?t talk to me like that! I came all the way here just to see! Treat me with some respect!? Kailyn yelled back.
?Treat you with respect? Why do that when the first thing you do is treat me like shit for no reason and then I find out that you cheatedd on me ? where?s the respect?!? Seth was almost in tears, but tried his hardest to hold it all in like a man.
?Kailyn, maybe you should go.? I recommended. Kailyn glared at me at first, but walked out of the door without saying anything. ?David maybe you should go talk to Seth.? I added. David went into Seth?s bedroom to calm him down.

Forget everything I thought about Kailyn, after seeing her real side I knew she was just a plain inconsiderate bitch. If only I was belligerent, because if I was, I would give her a taste of my fist. But I just layed back and kept my mouth shut like I always do.
After ten minutes, David came back in telling me that he calmed Seth down and that he was sleeping.
?Babe,? David said, ?I didn?t know you were going to spend the night.? David frowned.
?Yeah well, Seth came over and begged me to spend the night and meet his girlfriend.? I rolled my eyes.
?Yeah she?s hot.? David smiled. My mouth dropped. ?I?m just joking.? David jestered.
?You know I think your the hottest girl on this Earth.?
?Well, I guess I will leave you with the bitch!? I said sarcastically, laughing and joking 
?Ready to go to bed?? David said in his seductive voice, meaning that he wanted to have more sex.
?Sure, but no sex and no fore play, just sleep.? I notified. David looked at me as if I was malign.?Maybe tomorrow, baby, I?m not in the mood right now.? I was exhausted from everything that happened all day, which was the clinic, Seth, sex, David, Lacy, Kailyn and so much more.
?Maybe? Tomorrow?? David asked, basically begging. I smiled and laughed at his amusing humor. It was time to sleep and see what was going to happen tomorrow.

The day was going great. Me and David woke up in a good mood, Seth and Kailyn talked and decided to just stay friends. She left **** and was on her way to /santa/">santa Barbara to see her family members. The only bad news is that Lacy was coming over tonight, I wonder what will happen. I?ll just ignore her the whole time she?s here and visit with Seth. Crystal is also coming over in the evening. Her boyfriend Mario, kicked her out because he caught her smoking marijuana in the bathroom. She?ll be staying with me until she can find another place to stay.